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Addiction & the Brain
The Townsend Way is the guiding principle and innovative treatment model that shapes our perspective about treating addiction as a brain disease. Getting help at a Townsend Treatment Center is unlike anywhere else. We can help you or your loved one feel better fast with professional addiction care and affordable services at our treatment locations located throughout South Louisiana.

Genetic ComponentsGenetic Components of Addiction

Pioneering Treatment
At Townsend, we use groundbreaking innovations developed by our Chief Medical Officer, Howard Wetsman, MD. A New Orleans-based Psychiatrist and Addiction Medicine expert, Dr. Wetsman pioneered the use of genetic testing and proprietary medical monitoring to collect scientific data that addresses and stabilizes you or your loved one’s addiction and related complications.

Personalized Medical Approach
At Townsend Treatment Centers, once your acute medical condition has stabilized, our medical approach offers treatment customized to your individual needs. With a personalized medical focus on the uniqueness of all of our patients, Townsend devises unique, effective, and long-term plans to keep their addiction in remission – which is freedom worth experiencing.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for addiction. Townsend seeks the remission of symptoms that stop a person from seeking drugs or engaging in other behaviors to fix symptoms.

Continuum of Carecare

Outpatient Centers
At seven of our facilities throughout Louisiana, we offer Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) along with Medical Stabilization services for patients requiring outpatient care. Our programs are facilitated by experienced addiction staff and provide structure for persons who don’t have the clinical need for residential treatment.

The last century of substance abuse rehabilitation rested on the premise that patients struggling with addiction were healthy, normal individuals who had made life choices that lead to their chemical dependency. Based on contemporary research, we recognize that “substance abuse” doesn’t accurately describe what we now know. Addiction is a brain disease.

Looking at this condition as a brain disease, addiction involves a faulty reward system in the brain related to the neurotransmitter dopamine that controls motivation, focus, and enjoyment. Many people with a poor dopamine signal experience an imbalance that may push them to self-medicate with alcohol or drugs to feel better.

Unlike other rehab programs, we treat your underlying condition by using The Townsend Way. The traditional acute care inpatient models of treatment fail to help people suffering from addiction because symptoms are only temporarily suppressed. The underlying primary illness remains untreated which leads to relapse.

What is The Townsend Way?