Townsend’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Howard Wetsman, presents on various aspects of addiction which patients tend to struggle with during treatment and throughout recovery. Please utilize this information to learn more about the disease of addiction and how to achieve long-lasting recovery.
The presentations below are divided into the following subjects:

Dr. Wetsman, gives information about relapse and symptoms of addiction.

Dr Wetsman presents on How Medicine Can Help Addiction


The difference between drugs vs. medicine.

Dr. Wetsman speaks about anger.

Dr. Wetsman, discusses pharmacogenomics.

Dr. Wetsman, discusses Triggers, Cravings, and Sudden Relapse.

Louisiana Treatment Center’s chief medical officer, Dr. Wetsman, gives advice on addiction.


October 2012 – Townsend and Fox 8 Television in New Orleans announce “Healthy Living” partnership. Please see the following video for a 2-minute preview of the campaign.

30-second version

Michael Handley, Townsend CEO, is interviewed by Ink / J.P. Morgan Chase.