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Mardi Gras. Jazz Festivals. Creole Cuisine and the French Quarter. All this means New Orleans, or as its affectionately known as NOLA. Drug addiction unfortunately is also a part of the fabric. With all the awesomeness of the most populous city in Louisiana and the business hub of the Gulf Coast, comes a heavy price. Homelessness and its sister scourge, drug addiction, run rampant in the Big Easy.

According to a 2019 drug survey including New Orleans’ seven parishes (counties), heroin is the number one drug culprit ravaging the city, with fentanyl following behind. In the course of the Covid-19 pandemic. Drug overdose deaths in NOLA, many of which could have been prevented with admission to a NOLA detox (drug detox and) or drug rehab facility such as  Townsend detox, increased by 56% . March 2020 to 2021 saw 2100 New Orleans residents lose their lives to opioids.

Drug detox and drug rehabs are the frontlines of the battle against the opioid crisis in Louisiana. And the first step of the recovery journey is opioid detox. In New Orleans, Townsend DETOX has earned a reputation for being the gold standard of professional and safe drug detox in the area.

The need for NOLA detox is only rising. Just two years ago, there were all of 155 medical detox beds in the New Orleans area comprising the parishes of Orleans, Jefferson, and St Tammany.  It’s not enough.  With the rising rates of opioid abuse, detox in the Big Easy has never been more important . With Townsend Detox’s capacity to treat 80 clients at a given time, they are a hugely important part of the landscape of NOLA detox.

At the Townsend detox center in New Orleans, drug detox patients are given the safest course of opioid detox treatment in all of NOLA. A full-time medical staff collaborates with skilled addiction professionals and oversees every step of the detox process. Withdrawal symptoms are managed, necessary Medication assisted treatment is administered when relevant, and the client is made as comfortable as humanly possible.

Are you or a loved one battling active addiction? Do you need a place to begin your journey with safe and professional drug detox in New Orleans? Join the Townsend family and take advantage of the best NOLA Detox program around, Townsend Detox New Orleans. A New Orleans Detox program saving lives and making a difference. Every single day.

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