The Townsend Way is an innovative treatment model and our guiding principle.  It shapes our perspective about addiction and it’s the reason why getting help at Townsend is unlike anywhere else:

  • Feel Better Fast
  • Outpatient Medical Detox, Withdrawal, and Stabilization
  • Residential Detox and Treatment Available at the Townsend Recovery Center
  • Day and Evening Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs Available
  • Program Designed for the Busy Professional, Student, and Parent
  • Group Therapy
  • Weekly Family Nights
  • Genetic Testing
  • Cognitive Testing
  • Medications that Biologically Stabilize
  • Innovative Care that is Effective & Affordable
  • Ongoing Chronic Disease Management
  • Substance Abuse Education Services

Addiction or Substance Abuse?

The Townsend Way.

The last century of substance abuse rehabilitation rests on a premise that patients are healthy, normal individuals who made choices leading to chemical dependency. Based on contemporary research, we recognize that this is simply not accurate and that “substance abuse” does not accurately describe what we now know is a disease.  Addiction involves a faulty reward system in the brain, generally a poor dopamine signal. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the brain that controls motivation, focus, and enjoyment. It is hardly surprising that many people suffering from a dopamine imbalance self medicate to feel better. Traditional acute care inpatient model of treatment fails to help people who suffer from addiction because symptoms are only temporarily suppressed. The underlying primary illness remains untreated and this leads to relapses.

Unlike rehab, we treat the underlying condition using The Townsend Way. This revolutionary method is the result of Dr. Howard Wetsman’s dissatisfaction with standard treatments that failed to help many of his patients. An expert in the field of addiction medicine, Dr. Wetsman pioneered the use of genetic testing and proprietary medical monitoring to collect scientific data. At Townsend, we use Dr. Wetsman’s groundbreaking innovations to address and stabilize addiction and related complications. Once a patient’s condition is stabilized, Townsend offers a unique long-term plan for our patients to keep addiction in remission.

There is no cure for addiction yet. The Townsend Way puts the condition in remission. Maintaining remission is freedom worth experiencing.