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Steven Weldler
Apr 29, 2021

Face of Addiction Recovery

Avenues Recovery – Townsend has been featured in My New Orleans as part of their faces of addiction recovery series.

The following is the complete article:

Understanding that each person has a unique path to recovery and that being part of a like-minded community helps them find that path is addiction treatment at its best. Avenues Recovery Center, a treasured New Orleans addiction treatment provider, embodies that ideal.

Within a few short years, Avenues has become a cornerstone of the New Orleans addiction treatment landscape. Its twin locations, Avenues Recovery and Townsend, work hand in hand in providing the full continuum of care necessary to effect real and lasting recovery. Through their close connection with each other, a warm community dynamic is created and provides accountability, support, and care, long after clients successfully complete their treatment.

Throughout each phase of the treatment process, including detox, inpatient and outpatient programming, great focus is placed on building skills that work in the real world. The goal of each tailored treatment plan is to give the client their own unique way forward and an ability to find a meaningful place in society upon completion of the Avenues program. 

Avenues Recovery is committed to spreading hope and healing throughout New Orleans and beyond, building recovery communities for the community and adding more bulbs of light to the glowing New Orleans chandelier.

Avenues Recovery Townsend  //  504-608-5060  //  5620 Read Boulevard 5th Floor, New Orleans

Avenues Recovery Center  //  504-603-3060  //  4933 Wabash Street, Metairie 


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