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3 drug and alcohol rehab centers. One shared goal. Creating a path to lasting recovery with monitored alcohol and drug detox, expert clinical care, and a professionally traned, highly skilled , and empathetic staff .

Avenues Recovery – Townsend, Three Locations Throughout Louisiana

Great centers, one cutting edge treatment philosophy

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If you or your loved one are struggling with addiction involving alcohol, prescription drugs, or other illegal substances, Avenues Recovery – Townsend can help.

We’re not like other rehabs.

Avenues Recovery – Townsend treats people, not symptoms. Underlying causes, unique backgrounds, and personal triggers all share blame for the disease of drug and alcohol addiction. Each client is different, and each client is equally precious. We understand that the path of sustained addiction recovery is through personalized treatment in the comfort and safety of community.

Program Overview

Program Overview

Start your recovery in a warm happy facility, with counselors that really care

Treatment Services

Treatment Services

Detox to outpatient, Avenues Recovery – Townsend takes care of the whole you

Payment Options

Payment Options

We work with you to find affordable options that work best for you

Continuum of Care

Avenues Recovery – Townsend provides drug and alcohol rehab and detox programs in a community environment. All patients benefit from an addiction treatment plan tailored specifically to their needs. A comprehensive continuum of care includes a detox center, residential programming and eventually outpatient care . With three drug rehab treatment centers in South Louisiana, Avenues Recovery- Townsend programs are conveniently located near you and easily accessible. Our programs feature a spectrum of innovative services based on each patient’s unique needs. Program options include:

– Medical Stabilization (Detox)
– Residential Treatment
– Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

“Addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory, and related circuitry.”
American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM)

Avenues Recovery – Townsend Treatment Plans

Avenues Recovery- Townsend Detox and Rehab Treatment Centers aren’t like other rehabilitation facilities. Our alcohol and drug detox is administered in a safe caring environment and our innovative residential program offers an effective, affordable approach to your loved one’s addiction care. Treatment addresses the whole patient, including underlying causes and dual diagnosis. Using this approach, we can identify specific treatment methodologies that identify addiction’s root causes. Our services include:

– Individual Therapy

– Group Therapy

– Weekly Family Night

– Cognitive Testing

– Substance Abuse Education

– Chronic Disease Management

  • Avenues Recovery was an absolute life-changing experience for me! I went in a suicidal, hopeless, helpless shell of a man, praying for a ray of hope. I had absolutely no direction in life and needed nothing short of a miracle.... read more

    William Settoon Avatar
    William Settoon

    This was my third treatment center. Out of the three I’ve been to this program was better than of the others. For the first time in my recovery, I feel like for the first time I am hopeful. On top... read more

    Danny Nguyen Avatar
    Danny Nguyen

    Avenues has an awesome program with caring staff. From the counselors to the Resident Managers, they will make you feel safe and welcomed at their facility. I finished the 60 days program and in my second 30 days we seen... read more

    Taylor Davis Avatar
    Taylor Davis
  • I am so thankful that I went to Avenues. I received excellent treatment there. Trauma therapy with Helga was extremely helpful. It was an amazing community and I’m extremely grateful for the friends I made there. The staff were all... read more

    Jennifer Odom Avatar
    Jennifer Odom

    Avenues is amazing! Everyone actually genuinely cares about you and does what they can to meet your needs. I went in at 8 months pregnant and the staff did everything to make sure my stay was comfortable and safe for... read more

    Brandy Guillot Avatar
    Brandy Guillot

    This place was great. In my experience here it wasn't hard to tell that every staff member genuinely cares about your recovery. I learned a lot about the decease of addiction and the many ways to deal with it. They... read more

    timothy moran Avatar
    timothy moran

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